Welcome on JONATHAN sail boat

Stop here!

Give yourself a moment to  listen to the sea…

Sailing allows you to reach places you only dreamt for years, it’s like being protagonist into an amazing natural frame that we are used to watch from a distance. Sailing brings you into a dimension out of time, made of silence and blue, gently lidingover the waves.

This is our passion. And our pleasure is to pass you the emotion we experienced  through the years on the boat, a lifestyle to live together.

Our sailing boat “Bambina” is a Bavaria 44 holiday 13,60 mt  long, perfect for a comfortable and relaxing holiday.

Inside is divided into four cabins, two toilets with shower, a big dinette, electric fridge, and a kitchen equipped with pots and pans.


Our philosophy


An unforgettable holiday, experienced in complete freedom; the pleasure of days spent meeting people, enchanted  by the discovery of wonderful places among history and mythology.
The Salento area and the Greek islands, fishing, walking tours, eating fresh fish and drinking good wine around  an evening fire on the beach … enjoying life.
And the day after a revitalising dive into the deep blue of the Ionian sea,  ready for a new adventure.
This is sailing, folks!





Let me stop here. Let me, too, look at nature awhile.
The brilliant blue of the morning sea, of the cloudless sky,
the yellow shore; all lovely,
all bathed in light.
Let me stand here. And let me pretend I see all this
(I really did see it for a minute when I first stopped)
and not my usual day-dreams here too,
my memories, those images of sensual pleasure.


(Constantinos Kavafis)



Contact us!

  • Adress: Trav. Via Fiume, 37  
    73014 Gallipoli (Lecce) - Italy  
  • Cell: +39 348 5112699
  • Tel: +39 0833 18 60 011
  • Email: info@salentoevela.it
  • Website: www.salentoevela.it


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